aerodynamic triathlon and Ironman helmet
Wingspan is the most aerodynamic and versatile time trial, triathlon and ironman helmet. It is the result of the maximum levels of research and development, use of advanced materials and technology, meticulous attention to detail.
tunnel tested by the guru john cobb
Wingspan evokes the energy and freedom of flight which, translated into the language of sports, correspond to speed and lightness. Designed for time trial competitions, this helmet is characterized by a contained and streamlined shape and has large ventilation slots that favor constant air circulation without harming the overall aerodynamics.
Three configurations: the CLOSED which offers the best aerodynamic efficiency but the least ventilation. The NET perfect compromise between ventilation and aerodynamics. The OPEN is the best solution for long distances and/or hot weather conditions with the maximum ventilation.
The venting geometry, venting orientation and venting location and the short and compact tail gave the Wingspan helmet the best performance for any head position (front-down tail-up or front-up tail-down), back shape (flat or U) and wind direction (a short tail offers less surface for the side wind drag). Literally, the Wingspan cut through the air with precision, ease and minimized wind drag.
  • Custom fit

    Our products’ legendary fit is the fruit of scientific studies of the human head, design innovation and advances in materials and manufacturing techniques. Our groundbreaking systems are constantly updated and upgraded to guarantee exceptional adjustability and stability.

  • Customizable Air Management

    Air conditioning with a click
    The human body uses energy to cool itself. Rudy Project uses aerodynamic science. The Wing57™ time trial helmet has a set of two modular, removable covers, one closed, one mesh. Either can be inserted into the front vent opening to regulate airflow, adjust the helmet’s aerodynamic effectiveness according to environmental conditions and maintain the body’s efficiency.

  • In Mold

    The combined action of the EPS structure, the polycarbonate shell and exoskeleton creates resistance to the mechanical action exercised by an impact and dissipates the energy in order to prevent it from being transferred to the head of the rider wearing the helmet