Elimination of the sun's reflections for an ideal view of the road thanks to photochromic sunglasses


Mountain driving, rallying, walking on paved roads or rough terrain, or a simple trip in total relaxation, with the hood down and the wind in your hair ... Whatever your choice, every driver needs a reliable pair of glasses, to accompany him on each trip. A pair of photochromic sunglasses that combines technological features and a glamorous and contemporary style.

Rudy Project therefore offers a wide range of customized driving sunglasses designed to satisfy every driver, which provide:

  • Perfect fit on the face thanks to the Total Comfort System with adjustable terminals and nosepiece.
  • Super lightweight, thanks to the use of innovative materials such as Kynetium™, Grilamid®, carbon and titanium.
  • Total elimination of reflections, polarized light and harmful UV rays. Improvement of the perception of depth and contrast, optimal vision of the dashboard panels. All thanks to the latest generation of polarized glasses to protect the eyes and provide enhanced visual acuity.
  • Perfect vision in all weather and light conditions, thanks to the ImpactX™ photochromic lenses that can handle light changes over the whole day.

The photochromic driving sunglasses and polarized driving glasses from Rudy Project are also available with corrective lenses adapted to each specific degree of visual defect.