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Running  - swifty
Running  - kylix
Running  - kylix
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Running Sunglass - Hypermask Performance


A challenge against themselves, more so than against their opponents. Running means wanting to go beyond one's limitations, to conquer the road, mile after mile. Under the scorching sun, in the rain or wind, summer or winter the runner never stops, and Rudy Project is always with him, with his running sunglasses guaranteeing:



  • Optimal ventilation with the ventilation systems Air System, Air Channel and Vent Controller, key in a sport featuring speeds that may not be high, but still require a clear vision.


  • Optimum vision in any environment thanks to the interchangeable lenses system, Quick Change™.



  • Protection from wind, dust and shocks due to falls thanks to the ImpactX™ lenses technology, guaranteed unbreakable for life


  • Running glasses allow a perfect vision in all weather and light conditions with Multilaser lenses, which offer total protection from the sun, and the Photochromic lenses, capable of handling the light over the whole day

Rudy Project also offers a wide range of prescription running glasses  for those with sight defects.