Agent Q PPE

Agent Q is PPE protective eyewear and complies with the EN 166:2001 Standard of Eye Protection and also exceeds the EN 168/2001 standards of protection against liquids and droplets, offering a superior level of protection for frontline workers. Thanks to the side shields, Agent Q enhances the level of lateral protection, while the slender, lightweight temples ensure maximum adjustability for a comfortable, customizable fit. The goggle interface incorporates dozens of small channels to continuously vent the glasses vertically, allowing moisture and heat to be released from behind the lenses.



  • Gender UNISEX
  • Weight 39 g.
  • Dimension 68#17 - retainer
  • Height 43
  • Base 8
  • Certifications PPE CAT. 2 EN 166:2001 - ANZI Z87

Tech Specs

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Agent Q PPE