We have unveiled the new ASTRAL Klaebo, a tribute to Norwegian champion Johannes Klaebo. This model, born from Johannes' aesthetic inspiration, features a biobased frame in a vibrant crystal pink color, making its debut at the first stop of the 2023/24 season in Ruka.


The chosen lenses are the innovative RP OPTICS sunsent, characterized by pink, yellow, and green reflections, and adorned with the signature of the Norwegian champion. But there's more: the ASTRAL sunglasses have been designed to offer Johannes superior comfort. Rubber-coated temples ensure a secure fit, enabling Klaebo to focus solely on performance without worries.


The frame, made with Arkema's sustainable Rilsan Clear polymer, provides an excellent blend of performance. Derived from castor oil in Gujarat, India, this material is renowned for its lightweight, flexibility, and impact resistance, ideal for sports use.


Rilsan Clear marks a significant step forward in Rudy Project's sustainability journey. Its BPA-free composition and high plant-based content position it as a cutting-edge material in the sustainability market. Johannes has expressed enthusiasm in using sunglasses with such eco-friendly features, reaffirming the importance of sustainability in his sports gear.


Technically advanced lenses with high visual quality for clear vision, lightweight and comfortable design for a perfect fit during outdoor sports. Johannes's signature on the lens elevating this special edition to a level of uniqueness. Performance meets style for athletes and snow lovers in a iconic color combination!



If you're considering purchasing the ASTRAL X Klaebo Special Edition glasses, we recommend waiting until the beginning of February. For further information about this model, please reach out to our customer service at We're here to assist you and cater to any inquiries you may have!