Rudy Project & American Magic

A new exciting partnership with America's Cup Challenger


Rudy Project is proud to announce a partnership with New York Yacht Club American Magic, a U.S Challenger for the 36th America's cup, the oldest event in international sports and the highest prize in sailing. The competition dates back to 1851, when the New York Yacht Club won the first edition and named the America’s Cup after the first yacht to win the trophy. This began the longest winning streak in sailing and sports, as the club successfully defended the Cup from 1851 to 1983. The first Rudy Project racing sunglasses conquered its first competition in a similar manner, winning the Road Cycling World Championship in 1986 and starting a long series of victories in different disciplines. 

“We have been using Rudy sunglasses on the water with our AM38 test boat, and we have been really happy with the product,” said Terry Hutchinson, Skipper and Executive Director of American Magic. “It’s clear that Rudy is a performance-focused brand, and our sailors are excited to join with Rudy as we work to win the America’s Cup.”

“Our commitment is to elevate athletes’ performance,” said Simone Barbazza, Rudy Project Marketing Director. “We are proud to work with American Magic to bring the America’s Cup back to the US. Together, we will further develop solutions to improve the performance of our sailing eyewear.”

American Magic team will benefit from the Rudy Project sailing sunglasses. And we have designed an exclusive special edition of Spinhawk sunglasses with the American Magic logo on the inner temple and on the lens. The American Magic crew is also equipped with the Airgrip sailing sunglasses

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