Rudy Project celebrates the new European Champions Sonny Colbrelli and his extraordinary season achievements by realizing unique versions of the Cutline Sunglasses and new Nytron aeroad helmet.

The central part of the helmet has an exclusive graphic with the European Union of Cycling blue colour and stars, symbols of the title conquered by Sonny Colbrelli at the Trento European Championships road race of the 12nd September 2021. The helmet also has a part with the Italian “tricolore” to remind the victory at the Italian National Championship last June. Colbrelli will wear this Nytron helmet special edition in the Italian races and at the next World Championships.

The Nytron helmet is the newcomer in the Rudy Project collection. Maximum safety, advanced aerodynamics, and record-breaking ventilation. Nytron is the aero helmet providing ultimate protection combined with comfort and versatility.  Nytron blends superior aerodynamic performance with an amazingly compact and light design.  It was developed and engineered in collaboration with aerodynamic experts Swiss Side who performed extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics and wind tunnel testing. The Nytron’s structure features four In-Mold EPS liners which ensure maximum protection and shock absorption, while also keeping the helmet extremely lightweight and ventilated.

At Rudy Project, we are committed to developing products aimed at the highest level of safety, exceeding requirements set by international standards, such as the EC or CPSC norms. For this reason, Nytron exceeds the CEN TC 158 / WG 11 testing protocol. This protocol developed by CEN (The European Committee for Standardization), measures the absorption of energy from tangential (oblique) impacts, proposed by its technical committee on head protection. The WG11 rotational impact test is a protocol adopted by Rudy Project, in cooperation with accredited and notified bodies, to test and measure the performance of the helmets against rotational impacts. The WG11 “pass-fail” criterion is based on the BRIC (Brain Injury Criterion) value, an algorithm that defines the level of brain injury after a fall. This value must be less than 0.68. Nytron scored a BRIC value of 0.33 and represented a breakthrough in helmet safety.

Ventilation makes Nytron a game changer in the aero road helmet category. Many scientific studies demonstrate that head cooling enhances performance by significantly reducing the negative effects associated with rising core body temperature. For this reason, Nytron has been designed to combine the ultimate in aerodynamic performance with the best possible ventilation. Intensive wind tunnel testing has proven that Nytron’s fifteen scientifically configured vents and internal directional airflow channels ensure unparalleled ventilation regardless of rider position. Nytron’s ventilation provides unsurpassed heat dissipation and therefore better internal body temperature regulation. This ventilation provides a clear benefit to an athlete's performance for road, triathlon, and time trial challenges.

 Nytron is equipped with our lightweight and durable RSR 10  dial adjustable retention system. It enhances the helmet fit with a wraparound structure which can also be micro-adjusted vertically to further customize individual fit.