Performance empowered. Fotonyk cutting-edge features, superior comfort, and breathtaking design have been seamlessly merged together into one masterpiece. Fotonyk contains a multitude of technologies, but the most distinctive feature is the Bumpers system. Crafted from a soft and resilient polymer, the bumpers offer enhanced protection to the face during falls or impacts, all while offering a customizable and unique look.



  • Gender UNISEX
  • Weight 27,5 g.
  • Dimension 66#17¬131
  • Height 39
  • Base 8

Tech Specs

  • Adjustable Nosepiece
    Adjustable Nosepiece
  • Interchangeable Bumpers
    Interchangeable Bumpers
  • Quick Change
    Quick Change
  • Vent Controller
    Vent Controller

All Fotonyk Models

All Fotonyk models

Spare Parts and Accessories

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