2019 Collection

New eyewear and helmets to take your performance to the next level

Drawing from our vast heritage and always looking to the future we have designed the all new Defender and restyled our iconic Rydon to further enhance eye protection, vision sharpness and comfort. Together with the two performance models, the Spinair sunglasses introduce the Active Lifestyle concept in the Rudy Project collection. Three models designed to protect your eyes and boost your experience during the things you love wheter that's going for playing sports relaxing, road tripping or during your everyday life


The all new Defender boasts wide field of vision, soft polymers and superior optics. Inspired from our racing heritage, the Defender features today’s state-of-the-art eyewear technologies such as the Power Flow ventilation system as well as our proprietary soft Safety Bumpers and ensures superior visual comfort mounting ImpactX revolutionary photochromic lenses or vibrant RP Optics Multilaser ones


It has been 15 years since Rydon disrupted the sports eyewear world. We have re-engineered our award winning design cult piece to deliver unsurpassed performance. Interchangeable lenses, endless prescription and custom options, new temple tips and fully adjustable nosepiece: Rydon boasts enhanced fit factors and astounding details, a compelling combination of performance, versatility, comfort and style.


The new Rydon platform is now available in the slim size to provide all the comfort, technology and versatility of our iconic model to athletes and weekend warriors with more slender faces.

SPINAIR 56/57/58

The Spinair represents a new milestone in Rudy Project’s company history – the Active Lifestyle philosophy. Available in 3 different shapes - Spinair 56, Spinair 57 and Spinair 58 - and reminiscent of current eyewear trends, the Spinair blends lifestyle design with Rudy Project’s iconic performance features such as interchangeable lenses, adjustable temple tips, and soft rubber nosepads for a comfortable and optimum fit.


We have enriched our helmets family with three models which ensure the maximum standards of safety and comfort: the Spectrum for riders who wants no compromise on speed and lightness, Strym for your everyday rides and Volantis, a new entry in the aero-road segment.


Shaped for performance, the all new Spectrum is designed to outclass the road helmets standards of comfort, protection and weight. The Spectrum revolutionary dynamic design features a seamless integration of three In Mold EPS liners knitted together. This unique structure boost ventilation while keeping this race machine extremely lightweight and comfortable.


The newly developed Volantis blends aerodynamic performance and functionality. Thanks to its smooth, spherical design, the Volantis is ideal for sprint trials, shorter distance triathlons, and cycling. The new addition to Rudy Project’s award-winning aero helmet line up features the most advanced Rudy Project technologies


Lightness and ventilation for your everyday adventures. Clean and compact, Strym features the inner airframe and 16 vents strategically placed to enhance the air circulation and keep you always cool when pedaling. Thanks to the all new RSR 10 retention system, Strym ensures a customized and comfortable fit to athletes and weekend warriors.