Defender Team Bahrain McLaren

Discover the Team Bahrain McLaren official eyewear and helmet

Defender is now available in the exclusive Team Bahrain McLaren signature edition

Inspired from more than 30 years of Rudy Project heritage, Defender sunglasses blend an innate racing attitude with the most advanced eyewear technology to provide unparalleled comfort to athletes and weekend warriors. Adjustable nosepad and temple-tips, ultra-deep field of vision, protective soft Safety Bumpers and extraordinary Power Flow ventilation System make the Defender extremely comfortable and safe.

The Defender is the official sunglasses of Team Bahrain McLaren and matches perfectly with the helmet Spectrum Team Bahrain McLaren 

Shaped for performance, the Spectrum is designed to outclass the road helmets standards of comfort, protection and weight. The Spectrum revolutionary dynamic design features a seamless integration of three In Mold EPS liners knitted together. This unique structure boost ventilation while keeping this race machine extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Discover all the features of the Team Bahrain McLaren helmet and eyewear.