Rudy Project launches its very first ambassador program. The project targets athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to embrace the Rudy Project brand values, share them with their communities and promote the Rudy Project helmets and eyewear.

The unique aspect of this ambassador program is that Rudy Project is looking for active testimonial who also share the RIDETOZERO values. RIDETOZERO is the new philosophy which involves all the aspect of the company life and aims to reduce the environmental impact of the company and its products. Keeping our environment healthy is the key to protecting the playgrounds for the sports we love: our planet. To preserve the planet Rudy Project is committed to a sustainability path which needs to be consistent and progressively involve all the aspect of the organization: from the realization of products with sustainable materials, packaging, production methods till the daily work life actions of its employees and testimonials.

“Ride To Zero is a pivotal principle at Rudy Project. It drives our decisions every day and in every field” says Simone Barbazza Rudy Project marketing director and chief of Sustainability area. “We want ambassador who believes in our values and spread messages coherent with the sustainability, our goal is protect the environment”.

The essential requirements for the new ambassador are two: play sport outdoors and be committed to sustainability. Rudy Project does not require massive environmental programs, just symbolic actions or small projects to protect the planet and increase the consciousness on this theme within their communities.

The selected ambassadors will receive from Rudy Project a supply of products for their discipline and to create the content for their social channels and they will have access to preview and exclusive tests.

Selections are open till June 14 2021 and to apply there is an application form to fill on the page where to insert social media details, sports CV and projects to promote  Rudy Project and RIDETOZERO.

The outcome of the selection will be announced on the Rudy Project website and social media channels.