Strym - Protection, Lightness and Ventilation for your Everyday rides

The all new Strym is designed to deliver protection and comfort for your bike adventures. The double in mold construction combines lightness and safety while the 16 vents have been aimed at boosting the ventilation through the helmet. Strym features the RSR 10 Adjustable Retention System which offers micro-metic regulations for a wraparound customized fit.

The retention system  seamlessly integrates the airframe frontal padding. Engineered to minimize the sweating process inside the helmet, the Airframe frontal padding enhances air circulation and sweat evaporation. Strym comes out with a bugstop padding net to protect you from insects while riding.

The clean and compact design together with the stylish graphics make Strym a perfect choice for cyclists who want to give their best performances combining great style with excellent value. The colors available are: Black Stealth, White Stealth, Dark Grey, Yellow Fluo, Black Pink Fluo, Red, Blue Orange and Blue Navy.