Tralyx+ Graphene

Tralyx+ Graphene combines Tralyx+ exceptional features with the world’s most revolutionary material: GRAPHENE. Lighter than carbon but stiffer than diamond, Graphene boasts unique multifunctional molecular properties: ultra resistance, anti-scratch superiority and exceptional stability while achieving a superb semi-polished deep grey finish naturally obtained during injection moulding. No paint is needed, irregularities and patterns in the mass are proof of the unique process, making every single piece one of a kind.



  • Gender UNISEX
  • Weight 30 g.
  • Dimension 136-134
  • Height 50
  • Base 7

Tech Specs

  • Adjustable Nosepiece
    Adjustable Nosepiece
  • Adjustable Temple
    Adjustable Temple
  • Power Flow
    Power Flow
  • Quick Change
    Quick Change

All Tralyx+ Graphene models

Tralyx+ Graphene


The Tralyx+ new lens geometry is designed to maximize the coverage of the eye area and the comfort for all the sports use.


The innovative PowerFlow system features vents scientifically placed on the temple tips, on the front chassis and on the lens to enhance air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency and without disturbing vision.

Adjustable Nosepad and temple tips

The soft adjustable nosepad offers an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system also allows to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting. Adjustable temple tips ensure fully-customised fit and a perfect grip. Simply apply a gentle pressure to adjust these terminals in any direction

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