Rydon Timeless sport elegance

torstai 13. syyskuuta 2018

It has been 15 years since Rydon sunglasses disrupted the sports eyewear world. We have re-engineered our award winning design cult piece to deliver unsurpassed performance. Interchangeable lenses, endless prescription and custom options, new temple tips and fully adjustable nosepiece: Rydon boasts enhanced fit factors and astounding details.

A timeless icon that represents a compelling combination of performance, versatility, comfort and style. We have enriched Rydon with astounding details: new metal front logo, refined hinge screws and new chassis surfacing. We have further enhanced the Rydon fit: the new adjustable temple tips design and twin-polymers made nosepad Ergonose IX bring the Rydon comfort to the next level.

The new Rydon is fully compatible with previous version lenses and prescription solutions.

Rydon is also available in the slim size to provide all the comfort, technology and versatility of our iconic model to athletes and weekend warriors with more slender faces. Rydon Slim is compatible with the Rudy Project prescription solutions for sportsmen with correction needs.