The partnership that began in 2016 has been renewed for another three years. The team of Mohorič, Bilbao, and Caruso will continue to race with our glasses and helmets

Thursday, January 11, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the extension of its collaboration with Team Bahrain Victorious, reaffirming its position as the official helmet and eyewear partner for the team through the year 2026.

Entering the eighth consecutive season of partnership in 2024, Rudy Project has been a steadfast supporter of Team Bahrain Victorious since their inaugural year in 2016, making it one of the longest-standing sponsors for the Bahraini formation within the World Tour circuit.

The enduring success of this collaboration can be attributed to the shared commitment to meticulousness and attention to detail exhibited by both the Rudy Project brand and Team Bahrain Victorious. This synergy has resulted in a symbiotic relationship, with victories on the racecourse and impactful technological innovations propelling the team forward.

President and CEO of Rudy Project, Cristiano Barbazza, expressed his pride in the longstanding collaboration, stating, “We have been with this project since the inception of the team, and it's an honor to continue our partnership for the next three seasons. Our shared vision is focused on achieving victory and optimal performance. We are delighted to actively contribute to the team's pursuit of excellence through the integration of our cutting-edge products.”

As Rudy Project and Team Bahrain Victorious enter another chapter of their successful partnership, the cycling community eagerly anticipates the continued impact of this collaboration on both performance and innovation in the world of professional cycling.