Inkas XL Flip Up

Developed from the standard Inkas platform, the XL version features larger chassis, deeper lens, advanced materials and smart correction options to offer maximum comfort and a wider correction range for sports and everyday life.



  • Gender UNISEX
  • Weight 40 g.
  • Dimension FULL RIM CLIP (51#20-145) SHAPE A CLIP (52#20-145) SHAPE B CLIP (52#20-145)

Tech Specs

  • Adjustable Nosepiece
    Adjustable Nosepiece
  • Adjustable Temple
    Adjustable Temple
  • Quick Change
    Quick Change

Inkas XL Flip Up

Adjustable Nosepad and Temple Tips
Adjustable Nosepad and Temple Tips

Adjustable Nosepad and Temple Tips

The soft adjustable nosepad offers an exceptional fit for any shape of face. This system also allows to adjust the glasses’ height and their distance from the face to prevent misting. Adjustable temple tips ensure fully-customised fit and a perfect grip. Simply apply a gentle pressure to adjust these terminals in any direction

Quick Change System

Change your lenses in a snap! The Quick Change System allows to choose the size and type of lenses that suits you better. And it ensures perfect light management because you can easily mount or replace the lenses according to your demands.

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