Keeping our environment healthy is the key to protecting the playgrounds for the sports we love: our planet. RidetoZero is the new philosophy that now aims every single action at Rudy Project. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our products, materials, packaging, design and organizational processes. We are aware that radical changes take time and reducing our environmental footprint is a tough challenge but we have already started our ride:

maximum durability

All Rudy Project products are designed to be extremely durable. Our state-of-the-art materials extend the life of our products which are sweat, ice, water and heat proof. Products are the perfect solution to our throwaway culture.

Superior versatility

Versatility is distinctive feature of Rudy Project eyewear. Thanks to performance features and advanced lens technologies, all of our sunglasses are perfectly suitable for different disciplines and contexts.

Timeless design

The timeless design of the Rudy Project products make our products appealing regardless of the passing fashion trends. Functional and stylish geometries are a distinctive feature of our helmets and sunglasses which combine style and performance.


Rudy Project is committed to responsible waste management. We have developed and implemented programs to reduce waste generation and constantly increase recycling. For example, in 2019, the 81% of the waste produced by the company has been recycled and transformed in raw material in compliance with the EU regulations. Thanks to the solar panels on the roof we produce 43.000kWh / year


Rudy Project customer service will assist you through the entire life of your product, providing support and replacement parts even if your item as been discontinued. In this way you can fix or refresh your Rudy Project as long as possible.


We have started to promote initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. Our first step was subscribing to the Treedom online platform and planting our forest in Africa. We gifted trees to our stakeholders, to improve the life of our planet and the Cameroon farming community. In 2014 Treedom became part of the Certified B Corporations, a network of companies that stand out for high environmental and social performance.

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