Optical Dock

The High Correction Sport Option

The Optical Dock is a full rim clip that represents a valuable opportunity for opticians. Optical Dock models, such as the Rydon, Fotonyk and Stratofly, allow any material to be used for prescription lenses, including "stock" lenses. With this system, lateral protection and stability in the event of impact are maintained.







The lateral field of vision is slightly more limited compared to other optical solutions, but the range of prescriptions is incredibly broad. 

Optical Dock is the perfect solution for patients who needs substantial vision correction and want to benefit from the design, technology and comfort of Rudy Project sunglasses, while allowing eyecare providers to have flexibility in timeline and budget



  • perfect for sports high prescriptions
  • available on our top selling performance models - Rydon, Fotonyk and Stratofly
  • allows opticians to edge prescription lenses in the office
  • full rim interchangeable design
  • built to last